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I was a very rebellious child.  I thought the streets were mines. This explains, why I believe in mentors. I spent years of my life trying to avoid the very things that were shaping me, challenges, and obstacles. I finally figured out that those were the things that were making me stronger.

Walking with God builds faith. And faith is the power to be resilient. There is no school to attend that develops faith, you must go through some things. I am in the process right now of going through my second stroke but I feel blessed because I still have my mind.

Let me give you a little history of my life. I grew up in an abusive family, where the abuse I saw on a daily basis impacted the idea I had of myself and life. I had no sense of dignity (self-worth). Why would God create a family-like ours was my question? I started using drugs at an early age with gangs. One of the greatest things that I have probably done for myself was enlisting in the army, to avoid becoming a statistic. However, I almost did not make it out with an honorable discharge. I had gotten married while I was in the army and that did not work out. I have been married two other times since then.  I came home with an expectation of making something of myself and landed a pretty good job. Ten years later I quit that job to enter into the Laundromat and Dry Cleaners business in which it only lasted three years. “Never Quit”!

Then I got into a partnership where there was money to work with. We opened up a chain of Laundromats in Baltimore, Maryland and then my rich partner went bankrupt.  

Well, this turn of events brought me into full-blown addiction and my life became chaotic because I had no sense of self-worth (DIGNITY). Feeling pretty bad about myself, I felt that there was nothing left, or at least I thought so. At this point, you either cry out to God or you cry out to death, obviously, I cried out to God. One of the things that I have learned about life is that things change over time. So what you may be going through today is just for a season in your life you must endure and never quit! But just because you are saved now it does not change a life, life is about learning how to deal with obstacles. The better you deal with problems that arise the more spiritually mature you are. Since being saved I have had two strokes, a third divorce, and colon cancer. Being a man means walking out of your life with God because we are not in charge. The key to walking with God and showing yourself a man is never giving up on yourself.

Learning to walk with God is life. But I did not know that back then. My life learning years have been challenging and at times painful. But I have never given up. If I could endure all this hell maybe it is for a reason, I can help someone else. Now that I am walking with God I can show others how to do the same. I founded Answer Inc., which I believe provides answers to life questions and substance abuse. I want to help others through the power of God to figure out their destiny. I understand that life presents challenges. But what I have come to understand is that it is not what you are going through that matters, it is how you deal with it. Keep in mind that this is a part of the process of learning and growing. You do not go there; you grow there. Even though those things happened I refuse to quit! My life’s mission is to show and inspire other people how to walk with God. 

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Johnnie L Moore Jr


Blogger, leader and speaker that addresses the problems of life