Life Verses Living I

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

There is life and there is living. Most people are living,, they do not have a life. Each and every day I look to make a life for myself, which requires growing mentally and spiritually in my mind. Which requires reading and purpose that defines my value in this world. Which requires that I speak my destiny out of my mouth and believe that it is becoming a reality in my life.

Life Verses Living II

This is harder than what appears on paper. Living life well requires discipline. You must know what you are doing. There are principles to life, that is why I believe life must be taught. You can succeed if you change your mindset. Remember, you are not a failure, you can be prosperous in life if you believe you can achieve whatever goals you are trying to reach...but you have to believe in yourself and just do it. You may even, get stuck, but do not stop and give up. Keep believing!

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